Ny Krone trailer 2020

New Krone frigo trailers

MTS have invested in 10 brand new Krone frigo trailers. 4 trailers were delivered in August and remaining 6 will be delivered until the end of this year. With the new trailers MTS take the step into a new generation or refrigerated trailers. Thanks to the new technology, we get even better possibilities to ensure that the goods are transported in a correct, safe and secure manner. This is particularly important when we handle sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Among other things, the new trailers have the following special features:

  • full track & trace, GPS monitoring
  • alarm if the temperature deviates from the settings
  • alarm if the doors are opened by unauthorized persons
  • ability to read / set / change the temperature remotely
  • speed monitoring
  • each sudden deceleration registers
    (so you can see exactly where and when they occurred)
  • alarm in case of incorrect axle pressure
  • automatic brake assistance
  • of course, we have two individual climate zones in all our frigo trailers

So, if you want your goods to travel in 1st class? Get in touch with MTS today!

We look forward to your order!


MTS have invested in 10 brand new Krone frigo trailers.

From 1st August 2020, we decrease our currency surcharge to 10,1 %.

During the summer, some countries in Europe establish driving restrictions for heavy traffic.