Quality & Environment Policy

MTS work actively to reduce environmental effect from our vehicles and machines. Our fleet is of highest standard and is continuously maintained to secure this standard. In an environment conscious effort MTS always invest in the latest EUR engines available for our trucks. Environment diesel is always used in our trucks when available.

MTS is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and AEO.

Quality and Environment Policy

At all times we will in consideration of our customer demands, our own resources and conditions work for:

  • Only supply and deliver transports and services according to specifications and demands.
  • Reduce emissions from our fleet and machines.
  • Constantly improving our business from a quality, environmental and traffic safety point of view.
  • Prevent unhealthiness and other environmental implications of our business.
  • Strive for keeping people out of harms reach.
  • Achieve a sound and healthy working environment.
  • Uphold legislation, community and customer demands.
  • Reach goals set out in our ISO quality and environment management system.
  • Our achievement shall be guided of what is economically reasonable, safety appropriate, technologically achievable and environmentally motivated.

Traffic Safety Policy

MTS ambition as professionals is to be a leading example in traffic conduct and contribute to achieving desirously traffic safety goals for the individual as well as the company and the society.

Hence following basic view:

  • Always use safety belt
  • Safe distance (3 second rule) to vehicle in front
  • Respect speed limitations
  • Abide by driving and resting regulations for truck traffic
  • Comply to valid weight regulations
  • Always take road surface condition and traffic situation into account when planning of our traffic
  • Secure our loads in responsible way and according to regulations
  • Our drivers do not drive under influence of alcohol, drugs, strong medicine and avoid driving when tired.
  • We do not accept any assignment conflicting our policy
  • Our vehicles are of latest available technology and always in traffic safety condition