Turkey is MTS´ biggest market in terms of turnover. The transports are made in association with our agent ECS. We have Turkish-speaking employees in Malmö, which is absolute crucial in the contact with Turkish suppliers, customers, drivers and authorities.

  • Agent - ECS Europe Cargo Service
  • Distribution terminals in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara among others
  • We offer all kinds of transports to and from Turkey. Dry-, cold-, frozen-, heat-, ADR-, express-, groupage-, LTL- and FTL-shipments
  • Departures FTL – daily
  • Departures LTL & groupage shipments – Wed, Fri & Sat
  • Transit time FTL – 6-8 days
  • Transit time LTL & groupage shipments – 7-8 days

Did you know…? 

…that Turkey have the third largest amount of Facebookusers in the world (14 Mil.). Only USA and the UK have more.