Where everything started. MTS started the business in 1991 with transports between Sweden and Hungary. Today Hungary represents approximately 20 % of MTS total shipping volume. We have Hungarian-speaking employees in our office.

  • Agent – Eurolog Kft in Budapest
  • Distribution terminal in Budapest
  • We offer all kinds of transports to and from Hungary.
         Dry-, cold-, frozen-, heat-, ADR-, express-, groupage-, LTL-
         and FTL-shipments
  • Departures FTL – daily
  • Departures LTL & groupage shipments – Tue, Thu & Fri
  • Transit time FTL – 2 days
  • Transit time LTL & groupage shipments – 2-4 days

Did you know…?

…that Rubik´s cube was invented 1974 by the Hungarian Ernö Rubik