Company MTS Malmö Transport & Spedition AB

A Company with experience

Since 1991 MTS has offered transport and forwarding services to Swedish and foreign import/export companies. We are based in Malmö, Sweden and specialized in transport, forwarding and warehousing. We supply transports between Scandinavia, East/Central Europe and Turkey.

MTS is a Swedish owned company whose success is based on knowledge and understanding of the countries we transport in. An understanding which includes culture and language as well as local routines. With special selected agents in each country to secure highest quality transports regardless of destination.

Our employees have more than 100 years of transport/forwarding experience to/from East/Central Europe and Turkey. Knowledge and experience minimize misunderstandings which lead to considerable time savings.

Flexible solutions

MTS transport all types of goods with focus on excellent service, high quality and time savings thru short lead times. MTS have 60 departures weekly, half of them self owned with Swedish license plates. The MTS fleet also contains 20 thermo trailers with ability of multi temperature transports for all kinds of thermo transport requirements.

All vehicles are GPS monitored and ADR (Hazardous goods) equipment. All drivers are ADR trained and certified.

All deliveries are cost and environment efficient, door to door. MTS supply from complete full truck loads to partial and groupage shipments.

Focus on personal service

Personal service is essential to MTS, we emphasize always quick responses to our customers and deviations are reported immediately to our customers as soon as we have the information at hand. MTS customers always have direct contact to your own personally appointed contact person.

Yearly customer surveys leads to constant improvements on MTS quality. Our customers confidence in MTS is substantial and in our latest survey we received a 4,55 average on a scale from 1 to 5.